Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hunting "Eco"

You have heard people use the term “Hunting Eco” plenty of times within the Entropia Universe or my previous posts. But what does it mean? If you have been suffering from big losses during your hunts then this post will be very helpful to you. It will also be helpful for new players as it will give them an understanding on what Eco is and how to not overspend their PEDS.
So what does it mean to Hunt Eco?

Before I can explain what Eco hunting is…let me explain a little bit about weapons in the Entropia universe…Just like any item that you might find within the game itself…weapons themselves have a specific value you can buy and sell them for to the Trade Terminal (Or TT for short) usually referred to TT value of the item. Well not all weapons can be bought from TT as some need to be crafted. Every time you use a weapon, the value of its TT decreases a bit. Some weapons might have a big decrease while others will have a smaller decrease and this is what we call Decay. There will eventually come a time when the weapon becomes unusable.
The game features 2 different types of items…Limited Items denoted by the (L) at the end of their names and unlimited items which we refer to as UL. Limited (L) items cannot be repaired at all and once they have reached their minimal usage capacity cannot be used anymore, ever again…UL weapons on the other hand can be repaired to increase their value back to the original TT.

Now these weapons can further be divided into two more categories…the ranged weapons and Melee weapons. Melee weapons don’t have any further costs associated with them because you don’t have to buy ammunition…but ranged weapons tend to have a slightly higher cost because you are also spending ammo every single time you use them.

So how does this relate to Eco Hunting? Well Eco hunting is a term used to refer to hunting more economically…what does this mean? It simply means that when you go on a hunting run, you are trying your best to hunt the mobs with the least possible cost while keeping your returns to their maximum level. How do you go about this? Well the first thing you can do is to hunt mobs that are closer to your level.  For example if you are a new player it is only sensible to hunt creatures like Bercycled Puny or Gallards because they will be closer to your levels and as your hunting skills increase…you can move on to bigger prey. Also try and hunt without armor…because every time you are hit while wearing armor…its value decreases. So its advised that you hunt only creatures that you can hunt without wearing any armor at all. Another thing you can try to do is don’t just go out there and hunt them…try to swunt them as well…swunting is the act of sweating the creature dry before killing it.

Try not to also hunt without having the creature related mission on you. By completing the mission you also get other rewards which can keep your costs low but your profits high. If a creature has 10 hp…you can check the HP of most creatures on…don’t try to kill it with a weapon that does more damage than you can afford. Try and use a weapon like SI HK110 or a Psy-blade something low.

This is all I can tell you about hunting Eco, if you have any questions feel free to leave me a message and I will try to answer it or add it to the post.