Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Entropia and RCE

What is a Real Cash Economy (R.C.E)?

A real cash economy or R.C.E for short is a concept; it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will gain the benefits that it brings with it. Let's look at it through the use of a simple example...the example that I will be providing you with is that of cars...just because you have developed the idea of a combustive engine, combined with a chassis as well as 4 wheels doesn't really mean that everyone in our world will be able to have access to a Rolls Royce, Porsche or a Ferrari for that matter..and be able to use it.

MindArk and the R.C.E concept....

By linking Peds to the US dollars, MindArk was able to solve a lot of problems and also gained a backed up virtual currency. Whether this is good or bad, I honestly cannot tell you that after all it is being backed by the US currency and might be subject to a lot of real world economics. By introducing a virtual currency backed by a real currency, MA had to deal with other problems that it brought along with it. They had to ensure that the in-game economy is stable, this can be a very daunting task and surely a lot of people might disagree with me on the topic whether or not MA has done a good job of this or not. I will once again give you my personal opinion...there are times where I feel that a lot of changes can be made to further stabilize the economy but those rants usually come at moments of frustration or annoyance. The economy is after all an R.C.E and with that concept it does bring along the same economic principal as we have in real life...certain items being overpriced...but overall I would said MA has done quite a decent job at implementing the R.C.E concept..there is some room for improvement but who am I kidding...I would like to see that in our real world economy as well.

Despite all the criticism they might have receiving in the past couple of years since their debut, they have survived a long time and I would like to see personally how further they can go. Hopefully the economy will stabilize even further and the monopolies that are there on certain things might disappear as well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Guide To Earning Peds In Entropia For Newbies

(This guide was created with the hopes of aiding newcomers and non-depositors to have fun within the vast universe of Entropia without the need to deposit and earn some P.E.Ds)

New players (Newbies) encounter a lot of problems within the game-verse of Entropia and out of all of them, one of the biggest challenges they face…whether they be on Arkadia, Cyrene, Calypso, Rocktropia, Next Island or even Toulan is how will they earn P.E.Ds so that they can have some fun within the game. This guide was intended to help them do just that, it will give them a better overview of what things they can do in order to get some cash.

Before we go further into the guide I would like to explain what P.E.D is? P.E.D stands for Planet Entropia Dollars (Majority of the people reading this guide might already know this but this is mainly clarification for those that don’t.) It’s the main currency of the game no matter where you are. It has a stable value of 10 P.E.Ds = 1 U.S Dollar. You can use it anywhere from Calypso to Toulan. Despite what thoughts you might have or what other people will tell you, there aren’t a lot of ways to earn P.E.Ds in the beginning if you haven’t deposited some funds. If you don’t want to deposit or can’t deposit for that matter, you will be stuck with a limited number of activities to choose from in order to maximize your gaming experience. I will be showing you some of these activities to earn money. These are the most popular ones amongst players.

1) SWEATING: - You should learn to sweat and sweat you will, vibrant sweat...the loot that you receive when you sweat is used by crafters and mindforce users a lot. Many of them find it a waste of their time to go out and collect their own sweat so they usually buy it from other players. This is one of the most well-known professions out there for beginners and you shouldn't be missing out on it. (Do remember to take a bath afterwards). The main reason for this is because when you sweat a target, you are also gaining skills every time you get hit and these skills add to your professions. They can also increase your health points which will help you last longer. As of writing this guide, 1000 (1k) bottles of vibrant sweat sells for around 2.5 P.E.Ds (1k bottle can be sold per day during the SSI event) at B.I.G Industries OLA 42 land area. If you are looking for a more detailed guide on how to sweat, you can find one Here.

2) HUNTING: - You have a few P.E.Ds, you have probably earned them while sweating or deposited a few bucks and don't want to lose it all. (I suggest you hurry up and take a bath...xD) and if you are able to hitch a free ride to Rocktropia with someone then you can use this method to make a small profit. Planet Rocktropia is home to certain low level robots called Vixens; these robots have 10 Hp. You can easily hunt them using a MK1, S.I HK110 or any low level TT weapon (as long as its eco more on this later). Now let’s assume that you go on a 10 P.E.D run hunting vixens, you will in most cases end up walking away with a profit ranging between 0.5 P.E.D to 5 P.E.D depending on your luck and on average they tend to give at least a profit of 1.5 P.E.Ds. P.S Keep in mind that you will have to conduct these hunts with ECO weapons.....

Below are the names of the vixens that you should hunt and the ones that you should stay away from.

I)                  Vixens with 10 Hp…Hunt them.
A)   Cyber Street Vixens
B)   Glamor Girl Doll
C)   Electro Dance Machine
D)   Digital Club Doll

II)               Vixens with more than 10 HP…around 50 to 70…avoid these
A)   Fembot Raver
B)   Gynoid Elite Series
C)   Touch Sensitive Cyborg

Have fun hunting, I will try to upload pictures of them as soon as I can.

3) SWUNTING: - Yay you have graduated both sweating and hunting. Congratulations to you you haven’t? Oh well...let’s move on... Swunting is a combination of Sweating and Hunting. Hunting can be pretty expensive sometimes...but when coupled with Sweating you can usually breakeven during most of your runs, this is a very time consuming activity but unlike sweating also gives you a chance at some nice loot and a Global. When you go on a swunt run, you try to sweat the mob you are hunting (Please don't try this with mid to high level mobs) for example...Carabocs, Bercycled...Kerberos..once you receive the message that they are dry and can no longer acquire any sweat from them, you can kill them, collect your loot and go on to your next target. Rinse and Repeat.

4) HEALING:- Another popular activity amongst new players is to heal using a F.A.P...F.A.P stands for First Aid Pack. A lot of players tend to hunt high level monsters and are always looking for someone to be their designated healer... (With Fanoos in game, these players will even take newbies with them). You will learn a lot of good skills while healing which will come in very handy. Your employer will at times also pay you a tip, this can be very good sometime and bad others. You can acquire a free VIVO S10 from Gauntlet 1 if you are below level 10. This is a very good healing tool. Remember to always collect the decay on your tool.

5) COLLECTING: - Collecting fruits, dung and stones is another possible route that you can take in order to procure some P.E.Ds. Being in safe mode and walking (I seriously mean walking and not running please your key-binds) will make it easier for you to see stones, dung and fruits. Keep in mind you need to be at least 2.5 meters away in order to actually see them. This isn't really that profitable but every little bit counts right? The price for 1000 fruit usually is about 7 to 8 P.E.Ds.

6) OIL RIGGING: - Arkadia, Calypso, Rocktropia and Toulan provide another way for you to earn P.E.Ds. Calypso and Arkadia offer free Crude oil, Rocktropia offers beer kegs and Crude oil while Toulan gives you Nawa.

a) Calypso: - There are 2 rigs on Calypso, one for Old players at Ashi and another one for new players close to Camp Icarus. You can go to Orthos oil rig; this place usually (about 90% of the times if the circumstances are right) has a line. You can stand in line and wait for your turn. When it’s your turn, pick up some oil, go back to the line and rinse and repeat. The small oil rig as we call it drops around 40 to 60 P.E.Cs (Planet Entropia Cents....0.40 to 0.60 P.E.Ds) worth of oil barrels. Make sure that before you go oil rigging you have an agility of at least 12...this is because certain high level players usually tend to guard the rig and will kill anyone with Agility below 12 in order to keep alts out. You can do some missions at Camp Icarus and Half Moon Bay to increase your agility as well as get some nice freebies (More on this in a latter guide).

I wouldn't recommend going to Ashi mainly because a lot of high level players hang out there and they like their rig too much.

b) Rocktropia:- On Rocktropia there are two ways you can get your fix...hehehe...You can either go to Motorhead Stadium...(this is slightly difficult as its guarded by high level mobs and unless you have a vehicle you will probably die a lot) or download Hunt The Thing pack and complete the mission chain until you reach the last part. You don't have to worry about depositing or spending your own previously earned P.E.Ds to finish these missions....The last Extraction point spawns 1 barrel of oil every couple of seconds in a wide area. You can collect these and fund your hunting and mining needs.

c) Arkadia: - (Sorry but I need to look into this one)

d) Toulan: - (Need to go there myself before I can tell you about it.)

7) Sites Paying P.E.Ds:- Here we are...finally..phew...the last part of our little guide; this part of the guide will focus on earning P.E.Ds from sources out outside of Entropia. You can earn these P.E.Ds while you are playing, for example while sweating, standing at the rig waiting for your turn to get oil or walking around trying to collect Dung, Fruits or Stones. Most of these websites provide more...and I really mean Much more P.E.Ds than you can normally acquire from the other activities mentioned above.

I) EP: - The first site I will tell you about is EP, This is one of the best websites to earn P.E.Ds on as they have a variety of tasks to choose from. You can play a game called SLEGO, listen to the radio or even do some crowd flower tasks. (The highest pay-out you will receive will be mostly from Crowd Flower tasks).

II) P2C:- P2C is another website that provides you with ways to earn some extra P.E.Ds for your gaming needs. You can earn P.E.Ds by watching advertisements or doing the tasks on their webpage.

III) I will be adding more websites here as soon as I come across them so for now I will leave this section blank.

If you would like more information about the Economy of Entropia you can get more information Here. P.S please use my reference link to sign up if you found this guide helpful. I would like to thank all my friends’ In-game who helped me make this guide and provided me with a lot of information.