About Varian

My name is Varian Gabriel Wrynn. I have been part of the Entropia Colonization Program since 2009. My life on earth had been riddled with nothing but the same old routine every single day and as soon as my application was approved, I decided to move to Calypso. But it was a dangerous trip, our ship soon came under attack from the robot menace that the new colonists and CDFs had been facing on the planet. Though our pilot was experienced enough, he still had trouble dodging majority of the missiles fired at us. After all who could compete against an A.I properly?

We were hit and losing speed at a tremendous rate, I wouldn't be here today if not for the bravery and the skills of the pilot in charge. He managed to get us as close to the planet's atmosphere as possible and from there...gravity took hold of us. All I remember of the last minutes before passing out were the screams of my fellow passengers, we had crash landed and the impact had killed us all. Remind me to thank our scientists back on Earth for all their hard-work in designing the technology that we use on a daily basis. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be here talking to you folks. I would have been still stuck in debris or worse become an experimental subject for those demented machines.

After a long period of time, I awoke to find myself floating in what seemed to be a large test-tube, two pair of eyes stared back at me. Surprise registered his face as he quickly shouted out commands to his fellow workers, at first I didn't understand it. I guess he was telling them that I needed to be removed from my watery prison at once. I was told, I had been in a stasis for a long time and they were almost about to give up hope of me ever awakening. My revival was a success, alas it came with a price. Most of my memories were damaged beyond repair and what skills I might have had in my past life on Earth were gone.

It didn't bother me much anyways, this was a new beginning...might as well start everything anew right? And thus after a long series of experiments as well as writing reports on what transpired during the robot attack, I was finally allowed to leave the medical facility and see Calypso in all its beauty with my own two eyes. This is where my adventure began and everything I have learnt, I will share with you guys to the best of my abilities.

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