Wednesday, December 17, 2014

IFN Needs You!!!

As everyone knows during the Version update 15.1.0, Arkadia made some changes to its planet as well. One of these changes was the acquisition of an Arkadia Passport by only handing in 10,000 Vibrant Sweat. With current market prices it might look like a steep price to pay, considering 1,000 bottles of Vibrant sweat goes for 2 P.E.Ds or 2.5 P.E.Ds if you are selling to big industries during the SSI event. This passport allows an avatar to be a citizen of Arkadia and I believe this is probably the start of the citizen program that MindArk wanted to implement for sometime but their planet partner Arkadia kind of beat them to it.

Before the release of VU 15.1.1 people didn't really know what the use of the Arkadia passport was and during yesterdays update it has become quite clear that in the future the passport will play an integral part in the planet's economy. IFN recruitment center on Windy Isles has opened up their office to Arkadian citizens and have made a few fun missions available to them. So what are you waiting for go on get your passport now or would you rather wait the other planet partners to release their own passports?

That isn't the only thing that was released during the recent version updates by Arkadia, they also released Alpha stage trading cards. According to officials and the version update notes, these cards will drop from almost all professions and collecting each set will entitle you to certain limited edition prizes from the officials. Lots of fun changes are happening this December and I can't wait to see what more they will add before the year comes to a close.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NanoCubes, Explosive Projectiles and Entropia

Version Update 15.1.1 brought even more changes to the Entropia Universe even though it wasn't a major update. In this update MindArk added a few new items to the game mainly the NanoCube which will become an important part of the Entropia Economy. NanoCubes aren't the only thing that they added to the terminals, they also released several new blueprints for manufacturing Explosive Projectiles and according to the latest buzz NanoCubes will be an important ingredient for them.

This update also fixed a lot of bugs that a lot of player had been experiencing over the past few weeks since the release of 15.1.0. Good to see MindArk quickly releasing updates to fix problems within the game and keep its users well satisfied.

As I sit here typing this post, I am currently waiting for the Version Update to finish downloading so that I can get back into the game and check out all the new content that has just been made available. How will the addition of the new blueprints for Explosive projectiles and NanoCubes change our economy? The speculative game begins.

I must also add before I leave you on a short note here that I will be adding a very important article for New players beginning their journey on Planet Calypso in a few weeks, I am still doing research on a lot of missions to help you save a lot of ammo and peds for your big journey. Keep safe and I hope lootius is good to everyone.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Entropia Paves The Path For A New Space Age

With the release of Version Update 15.1, Entropia brought about a lot of changes a few of these will pave the path for better space development within the game. For a long time now, the space part of Entropia had been lacking but with the merging of auction houses and the creation of one big Global Auction house, it seems that MindArk has finally decided to up the ante for space.

Players in a future Version update will be able to get missions to transport crates from one planet to another in return for monetary compensation in the form of P.E.Ds, these boxes are lootable and will allow for an increased number of pirate and anti-pirate activity. How this will fare for MindArk is still a big question but for all of you that have been waiting for some sort of changes to Space, lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that MindArk doesn't forget us again.

In this recent Version Update MindArk also released a new type of Quad-Wing vehicle that sacrifices cargo space for more mobility allowing for better space combat, the ship comes prepacked with a warp-drive. The auction starts of at 50,000 P.E.Ds or 5,000 US Dollars. There are only 25 of these bad boys up for grabs and this in turn makes it a limited edition vehicle launched from Mind Ark.