Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Entropia Paves The Path For A New Space Age

With the release of Version Update 15.1, Entropia brought about a lot of changes a few of these will pave the path for better space development within the game. For a long time now, the space part of Entropia had been lacking but with the merging of auction houses and the creation of one big Global Auction house, it seems that MindArk has finally decided to up the ante for space.

Players in a future Version update will be able to get missions to transport crates from one planet to another in return for monetary compensation in the form of P.E.Ds, these boxes are lootable and will allow for an increased number of pirate and anti-pirate activity. How this will fare for MindArk is still a big question but for all of you that have been waiting for some sort of changes to Space, lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that MindArk doesn't forget us again.

In this recent Version Update MindArk also released a new type of Quad-Wing vehicle that sacrifices cargo space for more mobility allowing for better space combat, the ship comes prepacked with a warp-drive. The auction starts of at 50,000 P.E.Ds or 5,000 US Dollars. There are only 25 of these bad boys up for grabs and this in turn makes it a limited edition vehicle launched from Mind Ark.