Saturday, October 4, 2014

Crafting / Manufacturing

The First Thing You Should Know: -

There are two ways to increase your crafting skills within the game the first one is to craft low level blueprints and work your way from there. The second one is to go on a Mothership and repair until you reach the desired amount of levels in the profession that you want. If you have played the game for a while then you know that every click costs money and crafting can be a huge money sink if you are not prepared. I would personally recommend that you grab a vehicle RK-5 kit and head on over to a mothership with some welding wires to do some repairs until you have unlocked blueprint comprehension skill. But if you want to take the costly method then sure here it is.

Like I mentioned earlier in the post, clicks cost money and it is only a matter of making those clicks more productive for you in the future. As is the case with things in real life, items will kind of be modular according to supply and demand of the people. For example if you happen to see about a 1000 people getting globals on Ore AMP 101(L)’s then the chances are that they have already done some significant investment in the crafting profession. There will come a time that Mindark will realize that they need to make some adjustments to bring down the level of Globals or Hall of Fames (Hofs) on the Ore Amp 101(L)’s.

I recommend that the moment you step foot into crafting you should plan it out carefully. What do I mean by that? Since Entropia Universe has a real cash economy, it would be wise to plan out how much are you willing to lose when you begin this profession. If it is 100 peds that you can afford to lose on a weekly basis then by all means set your budget amount to 100 peds and keep it at that. Stick with whatever budget amount that you have proposed for yourself. One of the biggest mistakes that everyone makes is to craft what everyone is crafting and it usually ends up leaving them crippled, try not to follow in their footsteps unless you are sure of losing a lot of peds. Let’s look at some crafting terms…

Terminology: -

I will be listing a few terms and acronyms that you should familiarize yourselves with if you are going to be a crafter. The list isn’t very long but it will help you from getting confused when you hear these terminologies in chat.

BP – Stands for Blueprint
TT – Stands for Trade Terminal
QR – Stands for Quality Rating
AU – For the purpose of this guide this stands for Auctioneer but there is another place AU can be used and it is in space where it means Astronomical Unit.
You should familiarize yourselves with these terms as soon as you can if you want your main profession to be a crafter.

Understanding the Auctioneer: -

The Auctioneer or Auction House can be a very confusing component of the game because the prices and the mark-up on items are dictated by the players. The first thing I would recommend that you do is become acquainted with its Orders and Offers buttons. A lot of players whether they are new or old sometimes are unaware of these features that can come in quite handy at times.
Offers: - This is where you go to sell your items, residues, resources for the current mark-up and a time length you choose up till 7 days.

Orders: - This is quite an interesting addition to the game that to my knowledge currently no other MMO provides to its users. This feature allows the user to find buyers and sell your items almost instantly but sometimes at a reduced mark-up.

The mark-up that you will see will usually look like this 101.3%...what this means is that if the trade terminal value of an item is around 10 Peds…then 10 x 101.3% is what the item will be selling at which in this example comes out to be 10.13.

Preparing your Crafting: -

Before we start our short journey into the world of crafting let me once again bring your attention to the fact that crafting is very expensive, boring and a very time consuming business. Don’t let your imaginations run too wild and expect to hit a hall of famer the moment you hit a crafting machine…it can happen but the chances of that are very low. Now I suggest in order to keep your boredom levels down why not buy yourself a very cheap rifle or pistol and some ammo. Also be sure to get a component level 1 book this is not necessary but getting one will at least keep the clutter from Component blueprints in your inventory down. Be sure to go to the nearest Auctioneer and buy yourself a basic filters blueprint as well or ask your Society mates for one. Are we done? No not yet we have hardly begun you still need a few more materials…for the basic filter blueprint you will need 1 oil and 1 lysterium ingot to get at least one click…so once more open up the auctioneer and buy yourself 1000 units of each. Now you are ready, the resources that you have just become the proud owner of will allow you to have atleast 1000 clicks (You don’t really have to click if you don’t want to it will automatically craft them I just like using the term clicks).

My advice and I would say that it is one of the best advices that I have had the pleasure of receiving myself is be patient…patience is a virtue. There is going to be a very low return on your investment right now from crafting basic filters…and at the current stage of your crafting legacy…almost no satisfaction at all unless you are one of those blessed folks who happen to have lady luck trapped in a glass jar next to them. I will repeat myself…avoid getting tempted by the items that everyone is getting a global on…you will not get anywhere close to a global and most likely lose your entire bankroll. Since you are ready let me give you a few more pointers, be consistent with where your crafting machine settings are…always craft with the slider bar all the way to the left.  We are ready to begin our journey and start a new legacy…expect to lose a lot of your investment materials in the beginning since this is your earliest moment of filter domination…oh there will be more…let’s begin your next phase of development. Alright go on craft those basic filters will you…what are you waiting for?

Taking some time off from Crafting: -

Almost every single one of us has a patience limit…and there will come a time when we can’t bare the length of time it takes to fill that skill meter we have been so looking forward to filling…therefore we must understand when it’s time to get out and do something to relieve that boredom. I do recall suggesting buying a cheap gun…right? You did buy it right? No oh well go and get one or if you have one already stored somewhere in your storage collecting dust…collect it…and head over to places where you can hunt creatures like cambibo, daikiba or exorasaurs…the world of calypso is huge take your pick. This isn’t just a random hunting mission that I have sent you off on…you are actually looking for a specific loot that you want for later. You are to keep your eye out for animal eye oil and animal muscle oil..these two will become very important ingredients for our next blueprint.

Graduated Basic Filter Class: -

Alright you have graduated your basic filters phase…once the QR of your blueprint reaches 100…you can move on to Standard Damper blueprint…I hope in your quest for fame and glory you might have looted one whilst crafting if not…yikes it is that time again…yes you guessed it time to head on over to the auctioneer…and buy yourself one. This blueprint needs 1 lysterium ingot and 2 oil..a step up indeed from basic filters. Buy enough resources to keep your hands full for a while as running back and forth between the crafting terminal and the auctioneer can become quite a hassle.

3rd year…starting Simple I plastic springs class: -

Alright you have finally got that Standard Dampers bp to a QR of 100, its time to move on to a slightly higher level…crafting Simple I Plastic Springs...luckily this isn’t a very hard blueprint to find and is also usually very cheap at the auctioneer. Go on craft those you should know the drill by now.

Keeping your bank balance safe: -

One thing you should make your main goal is to keep your costs down as much as possible…this method isn’t really that cost effective as the other one I mentioned at the start of the guide is. You want to be able to skill for as long as you can without making any unnecessary deposits or camping at the oil rigs. Your second goal that you should be aiming for is to have your crafting skill to hit at least level 10 in one of the professions.

Last Year Craft School: -

Woohoo Congratulations you have finally graduated from the crafting school and are on your way to start your own crafting legend. Level 10 is probably…no wait scratch that is the most important level that you can achieve in crafting. Why? Why not…wait you don’t know?...oh let me tell you…this is mainly because at level 10 you unlock a hidden skill called Blueprint Comprehension. This skill gives you a big boost in your success rating with any blueprint that you will be using to craft. If you want to have a successful career in crafting then this skill plays one of the biggest parts especially if you are going to be crafting from those Limited use bp’s.

Review time for board licensure: -

So here’s a run-down of things that you want to do in order to reach level 10 in crafting to begin your legacy….level your Basic Filter bp to QR 100 move on to Standard Dampers and repeat. Once your Standard Dampers bp reaches a quality rating of 100 you are ready to begin your transition into Simple I Plastic Springs.

Materials for the blueprints: -

Basic Filters: - 1 Lysterium Ingot and 1 Oil per click.
Standard Dampers: - 1 Lysterium Ingot and 2 oil per click.
Simple I Plastic Springs: - 14 Animal Eye Oil and 7 Animal Muscle Oil per click.

You my dear reader have taken a very expensive route to begin your crafting journey…I suggest that you try repairing at a Mothership till you reach level 10 to unlock blueprint comprehension skill. Why? Because trust me it will cost you way less than your current endeavour even though there are basically almost no returns from repairing except skills…but then again…everything can be bought and sold…even your skill points.