Friday, February 20, 2015

Arkadia Event: Enormous Lysterium Deposit Found

Today I had the pleasure of joining a mini event that took place on Arkadia. Apparently it turns out that a huge shipment of Lysterium ore crashed closed to Celeste Harbour area and 5 stacks of Lysterium ore worth 5 peds each went missing. At first when I heard about that I decided to not take part in the search but later on another spacecraft crash landed close to courageous firebase and more lysterium ore debris was scattered all over the place. I decided hey you know I don't owe my allegiance to any one nation why not go around and salvage what I can. So I headed straight for Celeste harbour....after a few tries I managed to come back out with atleast 10 Peds worth of Lysterium ore. The event might have ended but there is another one planned for tomorrow and if you are feeling up to it...then get yourself to Arkadia...join the hunt for more information on the event you can also visit arkadia forums.

A lot of players took part in the event both new and old and it was quite exciting after all who doesn't like the thrill of a treasure hunt. I can't wait for the next event to start tomorrow so I can get myself there and do my best to find as much ore as possible. Maybe I will use it to craft some nice equipment and hopefully might also be able to hit quite a global...haven't really had one so far in the game. Well the post related to the event can be found here...please check it out.

People's Front of Entropia Universe

It’s been a while since my last blog post…I was running out of things to write about and decided hey there is something for new players that I haven’t really focused on much. Today I will talk about PFEU….PFEU stands for People’s front of Entropia Universe.  In the past they were known as PFC or People’s Calypso front.

PFEU represents a group of players who want to ensure a brighter future for Entropia Universe. They wish to achieve this by ensuring that new players have an enriching experience. But their focus isn’t limited to new players…Entropia is a vast world with ever changing experiences…things that you might have known 2 years ago might not be the same right now so even intermediate players can ask PFEU for support.

How does PFEU achieve this? PFEU in the past used to hold weekly hunt events on Calypso but recently they have expanded their support to 3 weekly hunts on three different planets; Arkadia, Calypso and Rocktropia. An hour before the start of the hunt a shout out is giving in the planets global channel informing player about the event.  You must then visit their website and log onto the chat room provided wait for the registration to open and enter in your full avatar name. After about 30 minutes…the admins will randomly draw six players who will participate in the hunt. What is nice about the hunt is that you get to keep all your loot, PFEU provides you with both the ammos and the weapons needed for the hunt and it is asked of you to follow a series of rules. The rules are simple and are there in order to ensure the best hunting experience for all. For the duration of the hunt there is a healer present who will make sure that you don’t die.

The people behind PFEU are Mercurio Morat and Simone Wauspaus. Mercurio hosts the weekly hunt events on Calypso while Simone takes the initiative on planet Arkadia. If you have any questions you can visit the main PFEU website here, or you can contact them within the game.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Version Update

On Feb 4th 2015, Mind Ark released a small version update to fix some of the issues that were plaguing the game. The details are as follows...

Changes Made:-

- Universal Ammo (Usually given as a reward for completing missions or events by MA) can no longer be sold or discarded to the Trade Terminal.

Bugs fixed:-

- A lot of players experienced an issue within the game that prevented them from rejoining the instance in certain situations after the game client crash was corrected.
- There was an issue that caused ambient occulsion (SSAO) that rendered a halo around objects was corrected.
- Another issue that prevented The Entropian Issues 2-4 from being placed in estates was corrected as well.

Though there are still plenty of bugs within the game, its good to know that MindArk tries its best to fix as many bugs as possible every time they release a new version update for the game.