Sunday, February 8, 2015

Version Update

On Feb 4th 2015, Mind Ark released a small version update to fix some of the issues that were plaguing the game. The details are as follows...

Changes Made:-

- Universal Ammo (Usually given as a reward for completing missions or events by MA) can no longer be sold or discarded to the Trade Terminal.

Bugs fixed:-

- A lot of players experienced an issue within the game that prevented them from rejoining the instance in certain situations after the game client crash was corrected.
- There was an issue that caused ambient occulsion (SSAO) that rendered a halo around objects was corrected.
- Another issue that prevented The Entropian Issues 2-4 from being placed in estates was corrected as well.

Though there are still plenty of bugs within the game, its good to know that MindArk tries its best to fix as many bugs as possible every time they release a new version update for the game.