Sunday, December 20, 2015

Return to Entropia and the BIG family.

Due to issues with stuff in real life, I had to sadly take a long break from Entropia Universe and ended up missing out on a lot of the action. One of these was my daily talks with my Big Industries family whom I also host the SSI event for. Though I haven't fixed up everything in my life yet, I felt it was time for me to once again return to the Entropia crowd.

  The first thing I did was get back online and reconnect with my BIG family, they welcomed me back with open arms and I was able to hold my first SSI event again on 19th of December 2015. After being out of the game for a while and having missed out on hosting a lot it came as a warm welcome. I was nervous at first but as my fingers began typing on the keyboard...everything just began to feel natural again. I am still rusty but hey at least it was a good event. Lots of folks here on Arkadia joined in and we had a good time.

For those of you who don't know what SSI is...let me give you a brief rundown. SSI stands for sweat support initiative. It's an event designed by BIG industries for newbies to the game. The event lasts for an on weekdays from 21:00 to 22:00 with heal support so you can sweat without worrying about dying. On weekends though, the event begins at 15:00 and ends around 16:00. New players...about 10 of them can sell 1K Vibrant sweat each for 2.5 Peds to the BIG industries representative, in this case the host. They are hosting these events daily on three planets now.

On Calypos, just head on over to BIG OLA42 before the start of the event and get sweating, answer a simple question and you might be one of the folks who gets to sell. Usually there are a lot of people there so it always makes it fun,

On Arkadia, you might want to head on over to 8C Windy Isles if you want to partake in SSI. You will find me on Arkadia on weekends as I have chosen those days to be hosting the event. If not on Saturdays then on Sundays, I will definitely be there.

Next Island is the newest addition to the planets that BIG has expanded to and will hopefully become a great place for new players to also vacation and do some hunting. Shepperds Beach is the location where you might want to drop by during the event time, if you want to sweat or unload some sweat without worry of death.

I am really glad I am part of such a wonderful family. :) Well folks...Christmas is coming up and I hope I might be able to host some wonderful events for people. See you all in game.

Varian Gabriel Wrynn signing out. :P