Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Entropia and RCE

What is a Real Cash Economy (R.C.E)?

A real cash economy or R.C.E for short is a concept; it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will gain the benefits that it brings with it. Let's look at it through the use of a simple example...the example that I will be providing you with is that of cars...just because you have developed the idea of a combustive engine, combined with a chassis as well as 4 wheels doesn't really mean that everyone in our world will be able to have access to a Rolls Royce, Porsche or a Ferrari for that matter..and be able to use it.

MindArk and the R.C.E concept....

By linking Peds to the US dollars, MindArk was able to solve a lot of problems and also gained a backed up virtual currency. Whether this is good or bad, I honestly cannot tell you that after all it is being backed by the US currency and might be subject to a lot of real world economics. By introducing a virtual currency backed by a real currency, MA had to deal with other problems that it brought along with it. They had to ensure that the in-game economy is stable, this can be a very daunting task and surely a lot of people might disagree with me on the topic whether or not MA has done a good job of this or not. I will once again give you my personal opinion...there are times where I feel that a lot of changes can be made to further stabilize the economy but those rants usually come at moments of frustration or annoyance. The economy is after all an R.C.E and with that concept it does bring along the same economic principal as we have in real life...certain items being overpriced...but overall I would said MA has done quite a decent job at implementing the R.C.E concept..there is some room for improvement but who am I kidding...I would like to see that in our real world economy as well.

Despite all the criticism they might have receiving in the past couple of years since their debut, they have survived a long time and I would like to see personally how further they can go. Hopefully the economy will stabilize even further and the monopolies that are there on certain things might disappear as well.