Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Space the New Frontier: Transportation and Mining to hit Entropia

MindArk has been focusing on space a lot in the past few version updates that they have made and the changes they have planned for space will finally bring a lot more people to it. In the past, people only flew through space to visit other planets or become space pirates (I wouldn’t want to be one). But in the latest Developer Notes #10 – Galactic Transport for version 15.1 of Entropia that was released in December, MindArk has finally changed a few things.

The removal of planet specific auction sections as well as making it possible to buy all your materials and enmats from other planets via auction has made a lot of people very happy. One reason behind that is that it will improve the economies ingame for smaller planets that are there. Personally the one part that makes me happy right now is the fact that space cargo missions will be added to the game soon. This will actually help to increase the number of people flying around in space greatly.

Though I am not yet certain about what I want to do when space gets revamped but I can tell you that I am thinking of probably becoming some sort of space courier (Depends on a lot of factors). Though a lot of people might also wonder why I didn’t choose to become a space pirate…I have my reasons behind that…first people might hate me for it…secondly it requires a person to spend a lot of free time camping for potential space victims and at this moment free time for me isn’t really an option considering the busy schedule that I have. There is also the fact that you might have to team up with other pirates…now here is a question…how can you trust a pirate?

MindArk also mentioned something like space mining, I don’t expect it to be implemented right away and I am sure it might take them a long time before it even becomes possible to see something like asteroid mining (or space mining) but at least we can hope and pray that it becomes a reality. I do believe that it might be something quite unique and different from the planetary mining system that they have.