Thursday, January 15, 2015

Benefits of Skilling on a Mothership

There are many benefits to skilling on a Mothership in Entropia. Firstly, you can quickly complete your apprenticeship instead of going through the long process of hunting, healing or crafting for months before the progress bar reaches 100%. The second one happens to be actually the most important of all…and caters towards people thinking to start their crafting career.

In the past crafters had to craft Basic Filters until the quality rating on the blueprint was 100 and then move on to another one…eventually reaching a point where they could get Blueprint Comprehension skills unlocked…Blueprint Comprehension skill is a very important skill in game for crafters. It raises the success rate of an item being crafted slightly and helps to keep costs down. If you took the normal route and began by crafting Basic Filters expect to spend more than 1000s of PEDs in crafting useless TT junk. Another advantage of skilling on a mothership is that it raises majority of your crafting skills at the same time.

But if you choose to follow the Mothership skilling path then you could at least save all those funds and put them to better use later on. So how do you skill on a mothership? When I say skilling on a mothership, I mean you become part of their repair crew for as long as you want to keep increasing your crafting skills or until you finish your apprenticeship…You do need some tools though and they won’t come cheap...I didn’t say it was going to be free skilling…it costs to increase your crafting professions but overall on the long run it is also 10 times cheaper than just going out and crafting from level 0 till you hit level 10 in a certain profession of crafting.

What you need?

First make sure that you have space downloaded otherwise you won’t be able to get summoned onto a mothership. Usually motherships going out for repair runs will post in the rookie channel or the planets respective channel. Currently the one mothership that I know of that does daily repair runs is the Kronan owned by Granny from NBK society. They have quite a helpful bunch of people.

Second you should make sure that you have sufficient amount of Vehicle RK-5’s. Vehicle RK-5 should cost you about 8 to 9 PEDs per piece and each Vehicle RK-5 will last you for at least 3.5 to 4 hours. You will also need welding wires. At the current MU, 50K of welding wires should cost you around the same as well. 1 Vehicle RK-5 and 50K welding wire should be enough for a 4 hour repair skilling run unless you want to do more. You can always buy them on the Kronan itself as well from the crew.

I hope this was helpful enough so what are you waiting for? Get your tools ready and Happy Skilling.