Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ammo or Shrapnel in Loot

One misconception that people from time to time get is that the people over at MindArk offices hate them because majority of the time they find ammo in the loot that they get. This is hardly the case though; the good folks at MindArk don’t hate you. There is actually a reason behind why you might always be looting ammo from mobs. It’s actually a flag (I don’t mean an actual literal flag) which we term as the disable auto-generated loot.
Now all of you might be wondering what this flag does. Game developers use this flag to prevent the drop of certain loot items like Empty Skill implants (ESI), hides, enmatter etc from the mobs on which the flag is set. On those mobs one will only find creature specific loot or ammo or shrapnel.

Creatures of Puny Maturity are the main mobs within the game on which this flag has been set because it doesn’t quite make sense to spread out a few PECs of loot here and there in the varying amount of trash item stacks and it might make the game seem more expensive than it already is if all the TT value gets spread all over the place.

Another set of mobs that also received this flag was the big shared loot mobs…why you ask? Imagine you are out hunting with a group of random individuals…you are probably fighting in this example...a shared loot longtooth spawn…and after its untimely…or timely demise you take your pick…some players probably one or two got high TT value loot items like ESI’s or stuff while others get the “You have received no loot” message or worse trash loot. You would complain, wouldn’t you? Unless you are one of those looters, you would complain about it. In order to prevent this aforementioned situation and keep player complaints to a low (Trust me they have been complaining for a while about this). MindArk decided that the best course of action for this situation was to flag them.

Don’t ask me why you can’t get PED in your loot, it was possible a couple of years ago but they were forced to change it due to some legalities.