Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Question for the Audience

This post is more like a message that I wanted to get across to the people that have been reading my blog. There might be some that like reading this blog and there might be others that don’t like the blog at all. Majority of the times my topics have my personal opinions in them but there are also some topics where there are hard proven facts that I have posted. The question that I wanted to ask people was since there are weeks before I can actually post something due to me just being focused on one game. Would you like it if I started blogging about other games too? If so what games would you like me to add here as well…

I can blog about Eve online since I used to play it before and then there is the new game that will be launching soon Star Citizen as well as after time diaries…though there isn’t much going on the in the last one. I am aware that there are a lot of topics that I haven’t covered when it comes to Entropia Universe but I will get to them in time. They all take solid research to be done on them and I like to personally research things before posting about it. So everything will be made available in due time.

Since I know there are only a few people that actually read this blog…or just pass through here your comments will be really helpful so don’t be afraid to give me your personal opinion on this. I can try and play other games too; they don’t necessarily have to be from the ones that I mentioned above.